The method

We specialize in multidisciplinary treatment for diabetes

The Center was established by endocrinologist Dr. Mariela Glandt to help patients with diabetes live optimal lives with their condition.

We strongly believe that you can restore your metabolic health.  By making lifestyle changes it is possible to decrease glucose levels to normal or close to normal, to lose weight, to improve insulin sensitivity, to improve blood pressure and cholesterol, and to improve energy levels.


You can see improvements

A systematic approach that includes the best medicines, nutrition, and daily personal follow-up

We build a personal, tailor-made program for each patient. A team of physicians and specialists monitors your progress, and provides you with ongoing counseling and support. Every morning, patients can send a message to the Center with their status and glucose test results. This message enables immediate response by the staff if necessary.

our story

The story behind the success

Dr. Mariela Glandt has a drive to improve the quality of life of patients with diabetes. This is a natural consequence of her life circumstances, since her father has type I diabetes. It was clear to her and everyone who knew her that treating diabetes would be a life project, reflected by the deep bond between Dr. Glandt and the patients at the Center.

 Team – Top notch professionals at your service

Dr. Mariela Galant


Dr. Glandt, trained at Harvard and Columbia, is an endocrinologist with extensive experience in the treatment of diabetes. Dr. Glandt worked in New York both in a private practice in Manhattan and at Bronx Lebanon Hospital. In Israel, she worked as the director of the Clinical Diabetes Research Unit at the Hadassah University Medical Center in Ein Kerem, with Prof. Itamar Raz. Dr. Glandt publishes articles in international journals and is involved in clinical trials. She continues to train residents at Bronx Lebanon Hospital in New York.

Contact - Tel: 03-7208533,

Ernessa Bergman

Ernessa Bergman


Ernessa is a Somatic oriented Psychotherapist, Food Addiction Councilor and Yoga Instructor. Ernessa has extensive experience in assisting patients with diabetes, and as a mother of a child with type 1 diabetes, she is familiar with the patterns, demands and challenges of her patients. As part of her work at the Glandt Center for Diabetes Care, she provides patients with tools to successfully cope with feelings relating to their condition and the systemic therapeutic process they undergo.

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Roni Prilutski

Office Administrator

Roni took the position as the administrative director of the Glandt Center for Diabetes Care out of a strong desire to be a partner in a new, valuable, and meaningful endeavor. Prior to this work, Roni worked in therapeutic and rehabilitative positions with children at risk in early childhood and in educational frameworks for toddlers.

Contact – Tel: 058-6548964 E-mail:

Avi Lustman

Avi Lustman

Therapist - Fitness and Health Coach

For the past 13 years, Avi has been working in the field of functional training, rehabilitation of movement and posture, corrective training, and orthopedic pain relief. She works in Ramat Aviv and in the Physiotherapy Clinic in Poleg. Over the years, she has specialized in various fields: fitness and health training, functional training (FMS), orthopedic movement rehabilitation therapy, as well as pain and posture therapy.

Contact – Tel: 052-2452225, E-mail:

Tzipi Ziv Lev-Ari

Tzipi Ziv Lev-Ari

Diabetes nurse

Tzipi is an experienced diabetes nurse, graduate of the Sheba School of Nursing and of training programs for diabetes educators at Hadassah Ein Karem. In the past she worked as a senior nurse at the Institute of Endocrinology and Diabetes at the Sheba Medical Center, and was one of the founders of that Center's diabetes clinic for youth. Tzipi has volunteered for 15 years as a nurse at the Association for Juvenile Diabetes and as a head nurse at the Association’s summer camps. At the Glandt Center for Diabetes Care, Tzipi serves as a diabetes nurse who guides the patients, participates in the creation of treatment plans for them, and is responsible for their training and referral to partner institutions.

Contact – Tel: 052-6667374 E-mail:

Elina Rupin

Clinical Dietitian

A nutritionist and certified fitness trainer. A graduate of nutrition science at Ariel University. During her studies, she was involved in a project to promote public health
Experienced in weight loss and lifestyle changes, nutrition during pregnancy and postpartum period, emotional eating and nutritional therapy for different diseases including diabetes.

Dr. Roee Eldor

Endocrinologist, expert in diabetes

Dr. Eldor, MD PhD, is a specialist in diabetes, endocrinology, and internal medicine. He currently manages the Diabetes Unit at the Institute of Endocrinology, Metabolism and Blood Pressure at the Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center (Ichilov Hospital). He has worked at Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital as an academic lecturer and senior physician in the internal unit. Afterwards he served as doctor and investigator at the Diabetes Unit in the University of Texas Medical Sciences Center in San Antonio, and as Chief Scientist of the Diabetes and Endocrinology Unit at Merck Research Laboratories, New Jersey, USA. Dr. Eldor is author of over 40 scientific publications in the field of diabetes and is regularly invited to lecture at scientific conferences in the field of diabetes worldwide.

Contact - Tel: 03-7208533, E-mail:

Stefan Lalush

Stefan Lalush


Stefan is an expert in podiatry with extensive experience in the treatment of diabetic patients. He currently serves as the deputy chairman of the Israel Chiropodists and Podiatrists Association. He is also the Director General of the foot care clinic Nissim Podiatry. Stefan has worked at Meuhedet Health Services and Maccabi Health Services. At the Glandt Center for Diabetes Care, Stephen assists patients with any type of foot problems to prevent complications and typical risks of diabetes. He diagnoses and treats a variety of problems, and helps to choose the right insoles after an orthopedic examination.

Contact – Tel: 054-7501065, E-mail:

Dr. Boris Piriatinski

Dr. Boris Piriatinski

Specialist in ophthalmology

Dr. Piriatinski is an expert in ophthalmology and an eye surgeon. He works as a senior physician in the Department of Ophthalmology at the Rabin Medical Center (Beilinson Hospital). Dr. Piriatinski is a professional surgeon in the field of cataracts and has experience in the early diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma patients. Over the course of his professional work he has gained extensive experience in the diagnosis and treatment of diabetic patients with impaired vision or at risk of vision impairment.

Contact – Tel: 052-3858724

Luba Plotkin

Clinical Dietitian

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