Dr. Mariela Glandt
Dr. Mariela Glandt

Treating Diabetes with the Ketogenic Diet

At Glandt Center for Diabetes Care, we offer a unique, science-based approach to the treatment and prevention of type 2 diabetes and its associated complications. Our treatment program is demonstrably effective in promoting weight loss, achieving optimal glucose levels, and reducing patients’ insulin dosage

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of patients

Have significantly reduced or stopped their insulin usage completely


Average levels of glycated hemoglobin among 65% of patients following 3 months of treatment 


Average weight loss
in 6 months 

Inconclusive research conducted over the last 50 years has led many to the erroneous belief that fat consumption negatively affects health. Because of the guidelines that resulted from this false premise, many people have drastically reduced the fat in their diets, only to gain more weight. The reality is that eating natural fats does not clog the arteries. In fact, eating fats allows for satiation, lower levels of insulin in the bloodstream, and under the right circumstances, proper management of diabetes.

פירמידת המזון הקטוגנית - מרכז גלאנט לטיפול בסוכרת

Our Success Stories

Hani Ezra

After countless diets, I found the light. I discovered the Glandt Center and Dr. Mariela, who introduced me to the ketogenic diet. In my experience, keto is the only diet that leaves me feeling satiated. This diet actually healed me. Before meeting Dr. Glandt, for about 25 years I had liver problems and type 2 diabetes. Now, I live a healthy, fresh, and active life with lots of energy and fewer pills. My cholesterol and triglyceride levels have improved miraculously. Thank you, Dr. Mariela!

Sharon Havatzelet

I have been living with diabetes for 32 years. Over the years, I tried to adopt a diet that would balance my sugar levels. After coming across an article about keto, I decided to meet Dr. Mariela Glandt. Already at our first meeting, I was caught up in the determination of Mariela and her team to make a difference in my life. For the last six months, I have not needed any more insulin (a major victory, since I have long wanted to avoid its negative effects), I have reduced my medication dosage, and have lost about 20 kg.

Barak Avirbach

From a young age, I’ve carried extra weight with me. At first, just a few, and over the years they accumulated. When I started the ketogenic diet, I had an HbA1c score of 8.5, i.e. pre-diabetic. Once I stuck with the menu, the pounds started to disappear. So far, I have lost about 25 kg. My energy levels and concentration have improved miraculously. Generally, I feel very good and my HbA1c has also dropped significantly (5.1)

Peninah Brand

Two and a half years ago, after feeling like I had already tried all the diets in the universe, I started treatment with Dr. Mariela Glandt. My diabetes started as gestational diabetes and I suffered from it for 4 pregnancies, along with the obesity I have been fighting all my life. Dr. Glandt began to gradually lower my insulin dosage until I was completely weaned off insulin. Since then, I have lost about 34 pounds so far and my sugar levels have improved.

A New Reality for Diabetics 

The Glandt Center was founded by Harvard and Columbia-educated endocrinologist Dr. Mariela Glandt, who has extensive experience in diabetes treatment and care. According to her method, through use of a ketogenic diet you can improve your health and enjoy a more balanced life.


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