Success Stories

Osnat Robaz

I went straight to Mariela the moment I was diagnosed with diabetes. It wasn’t easy- it was even hard at times- but when I think about the implications of untreated diabetes, that scares me a lot more. I started the process with a result of 9.7 HbA1c. Today my result is 4.4 and I have lost 20 kg in 8 months, all thanks to suitable nutrition. 


Assaf Grinberg

I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes over 10 years ago. Over the years, I went through many different treatments and medications, as well as bariatric surgery. My blood sugar levels kept fluctuating, not staying stable for long. The same problem presented itself regarding my weight and for a long time, I felt frustrated and unwell when, in truth, I was the victim of my own bad eating habits. 


Sharon Havatzelet

My diabetes was diagnosed when I was 30. I have been living with it for 32 years now. In the early stages,I was treated with medications, later progressing to insulin. All along I was struggling to adapt to a balanced and suitable nutritious lifestyle to stabilize my blood sugar levels. At some point, I started suffering from a severe case of ischemia and had to go through a cardiopulmonary bypass


Hani Ezra

After countless diets, I have finally seen the light. I discovered the Glandt Center and Dr. Mariela, who introduced me to the keto diet, which actually made me feel satiated. This diet cured me.


Ron Badany

When I had some tests done about 4 months ago, doctors called the results a “metabolic catastrophe”. I was diagnosed with diabetes, a 9.2 A1c, cholesterol levels of 300, borderline levels of 200, and insufficient liver function


Peninah Brand

My treatment with Mariela started about 2.5 years ago, after many experiences with different diets. My diabetes started as gestational diabetes, which I suffered from throughout my 4 pregnancies. I was also dealing with being overweight my whole life. All the doctors gave me the same prescription- lower your calorie intake and exercise more. Not one diet proved effective or sustainable over time.


Lea Ben Yossef

I have been a diabetic for the last 14 years. I have tried all sorts of different diets and nutrition variations, some successful, some less so. Recently, I have neglected my nutrition and health. As a result, my sugar levels increase daily. I have received more and more meds that don’t help control the problem, and ultimately, with a heavy heart, I started injecting insulin. 


Baruch Brody

I started the new nutrition plan five months ago today. When I first arrived at the clinic, my blood sugar levels were over 250, I weighed 117 kg, and had a 9.7 A1c. The transition to the new diet wasn’t all that difficult for me because I wanted to make a change and was ready for it. 


Barak Avirbach

From a very young age, I’ve carried a few extra kgs. At first, there were just a few, but over the years they started mounting up. While in the army, I found out that I was suffering from high blood pressure and started being medicated for it. Later on, it turned out that I was also suffering from an underactive thyroid. A few years ago, I tried a weight loss program based on calorie reduction.

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