Treating the problem by empowering patients to regain control of their health

The unique method we have developed, which combines intermittent fasting with a ketogenic diet, focuses on lowering insulin levels in the body and helps to achieve metabolic balance and greater health.

The effect of high insulin levels on the body

Insulin is a storage and growth hormone, secreted by the pancreas after eating to help store glucose in the body's cells. Under normal circumstances, insulin rises and falls between meals. In pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes, insulin levels are higher than normal and remain high even between meals.

Metabolic syndrome

In 1988, Dr. Gerald Reaven of Stanford University presented his studies which showed that high insulin levels cause high blood pressure, high triglycerides, low HDL cholesterol, abdominal obesity, and high levels of sugar in the blood. All together they create metabolic syndrome - the greatest risk factor for heart disease and stroke.

An endless cycle of hunger and fat storage

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Insulin causes us to feel hungry. The higher the levels of insulin, the more hungry we feel. This creates an endless cycle of eating and weight gain, which needs to be broken.

Our goal is to have normal sugar levels, with the lowest insulin levels possible

The most effective way to get your body to produce as little insulin as possible and break down fat stores is through diet. When we eat carbs, our bodies secrete high levels of insulin to store glucose in the cells. When we eat protein, much less insulin is secreted. When consuming fat, almost no insulin is secreted.

As the body produces less insulin, our sensitivity to insulin increases and our health improves.

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