Innovative Diabetes Treatment

The Glandt Center was established by endocrinologist Dr. Mariela Glandt to help diabetics manage their illness in the most effective possible manner. Dr. Glandt has over 20 years of experience treating diabetes. In recent years, she adopted an approach centered around the ketogenic diet. The Glandt Center combines medical, nutritional, and personal care, and has helped over 1000 diabetics achieve a healthier lifestyle and greater overall health.

הקניית חינוך וידע לגבי מחלת הסוכרת


Providing information for a more profound understanding of the disease and how to optimally
treat it.

מתן כלים מותאמים אישית, כולל הנחיות תזונה והתייעצות עם מומחים


Customized dietary guidelines, one-on-one coaching, consultation with food addiction experts, and if necessary, access to the most advanced medications available.

הנחייה ותמיכה במטופלים במרכז גלאנט, כולל ליווי רפואי צמוד וניטור מדדים

Guidance & Support

Close medical supervision, daily weight, blood pressure, and blood sugar monitoring, and immediate response whenever necessary.

The Team

Dr. Mariela Glandt

Endocrinologist specializing in diabetes, director of the center

Assaf Librati

‘Balance’ Program Manager

Michal Habusha

Clinical Dietitian

Dr. Luciana Pronsky

Family physician

Elina Rupin

Clinical dietitian and digital content manager

Dr. Slava Berger

Ketogenic diet specialist

Ernessa Bergman

Physical psychotherapist and food addiction counselor

Ronit Goldman Pechthold

Clinical Dietitian

Yuval Tapuhi

Office Manager

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