The greatest success comes from a structured medical process

Each one of our patients undergoes a structured process that puts them at the center of treatment.  The intensity of the process is dictated by your individual needs.


How does this work

In the treatment process we will go through the following steps:


First meeting with your doctor

During the one-hour introductory session, your doctor will review your medical history, type and severity of diabetes, and your lifestyle. Together you’ll make informed decisions on the necessary changes to your lifestyle, and medications will be adjusted as needed.

Building a treatment and follow-up program

The personal program that will be built for you will include meetings with the physician and staff, including a dietitian, diabetes nurse, and a psychotherapist if necessary. Ophthalmologist and state-of-the-art OCT machine is also on site. The program will also include recommendations for continued monitoring of glucose levels, and daily monitoring of glucose, weight, and blood pressure, which you can send to your medical file and reviewed by the team on a daily basis.
When appropriate, we use the most advanced medical technology, such as pumps and sensors, to help optimize your glucose control.

Follow-up and maintenance plan

At the end of the treatment plan and after examination of its results, we will build a maintenance plan for you. We will continue to monitor your progress and your diabetes, and will be at your service as needed.
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I have been diabetic for about 20 years

I have been diabetic for about 20 years, but unfortunately I did not take the disease seriously. As a result, I was completely unmanaged (A1C of 8–9), gaining weight and my vision deteriorated. Luckily, just at a critical moment, I happened to meet a friend who told me about the miracle that happened to him after his visit to Dr. Mariela Glandt. Although I found it difficult to believe in this “miracle,” I was convinced that I should try. Today, I am still amazed at the change I underwent following the supporting treatment in Dr. Glandt’s diabetes clinic. I lost about 16 kg of weight, and most importantly, from a diabetic woman I became pre-diabetic (A1C of 6.1–6.5). The miracle happened to me as well.

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