Yehuda Amir

Since I met Dr. Mariela Glandt my life had changed: the glucose levels decreased, kidney function had improved, as well as my overall feeling. What is most important to me is the personal attitude Dr. Glandt and the staff provides me and the feeling that they really care about me and my progress.

The whole team is empathetic, nice, and I really enjoy my visits to the Center.

I recommend Glandt Center for Diabetes Care with all my heart.

Pini Shmilowitz

For over 30 years I have been suffering from diabetes and other diseases that impaired my health. And then I met Dr. Mariela Glandt. In the last few years since I have been treated by her, she has significantly improved my health. Mariela is a highly skilled and professional physician with vast knowledge in the latest developments and research in the field of diabetes. In addition to being an excellent doctor, she stands out for her humanity, the ability to listen, her great patience towards her patients, and the love she gives them.

David Swissa

I came to the Glandt Center via a family member’s recommendation. My blood tests were abnormal and I felt bad. Just from the second visit to Dr. Mariela and her staff I felt a considerable improvement. Dr. Glandt stopped many of the medications I had received for years and added vitamins. The professional staff managed to turn me around by telling about the importance of the process. I follow the instructions given to me and achieve excellent results. Today I come for a follow-up visit once every two months, and between the visits I receive support and guidance by phone.
I feel good, even great, and I am thankful to the wonderful team.

 Mark Shachar

When I first came to Dr. Mariela’s diabetes center more than two years ago, I thought I understood my condition quite well (living over 20 years with type 1 diabetes). Already after a short period of close treatment provided by Mariela, Adina, and Tzipi, I was surprised to experience changes I never dreamed were possible. First, I realized I did not really understand my condition. My A1C level dropped from 9 to 7.5, I lost more than 10 kilos of weight, the amount of insulin I injected per day was decreased by 2/3, and. . . I started to feel much better physically.  Today I continue to go to the Center and meet these three professional and wonderful women on a regular basis, and to my joy my condition constantly improves. I advised other people to come to the Center and I heard that the “magic” was working on everyone.

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