You can change your reality

At the Glandt Center for Diabetes Care we provide the most current medical approaches in the treatment of diabetes and pre-diabetes. Our focus is to help you gain your heath back by making changes in your diet and lifestyle that are realistic and lead to real improvements.  These changes lead to a reduction in the amount of medications, especially insulin over time.

reduction in weight

Average weight loss of 9 kg in 6 months

reduction in HbA1C

50% of patients reach normal HbA1C

Improvement in vitality

92% of patients dramatically reduced or discontinued insulin

Who do we treat?


Type 1 Diabetics

You can gain an understanding of the details that make a difference in achieving control and stability


Type 2 Diabetics

You can dramatically decrease hunger and cravings and reduce medications and insulin to the point where they are no longer needed



You can prevent the onset of diabetes and live a healthier life


I've had diabetes for 20 years. I've always been trying to lose weight but never ended up feeling hungrier and frustrated. I've needed more and more medications even though I've been exercising and watching my diet. I was fortunate that a friend brought me to the Glandt Center because I would not have have come on my own since I did not believe it was possible to treat this differently. I thought I knew everything about diabetes. But I was suprised! I finally understood how to manage this, how to control my appetite and my sugars. I have lost weight and over time have decreased the medications. Today I only take metformin.

Iris Ofir, Tel Aviv
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